Why we do pre-orders - and how do they work ?

A pre-order is the act of purchasing a product that has not yet been released or produced.

Pre-ordering is also useful for consumers as it guarantees they'll immediately receive a product upon the release, in the size and/or colorway they prefer.  If demand ends up being higher than our production batch, it can become impossible for customers to buy that product normally and secure their size or preferred color. Frustration can ensue.

Doing pre-orders also allow us to gauge customer interest in a particular product and order adequately.   Instead of ordering large quantities of products that end up as dead stock, we don't want to waste valuable funds that can help us invest in more useful developments for our store and serve our community better.


Step 1

Launch of the pre-order - all the details, color and size options are posted on our "Special Projects" page. Generally, we open the pre orders between one (1) to ten (10) days.   We almost always require deposits to confirm a pre-order.   In order for pre-ordering to work for everyone and not result in unnecessary waste and excess inventory, pre-ordered products are typically not returnable, although we will always make every effort to exchange sizes if possible

Step 2

End of the pre-order - as soon as the pre-order window closes, we start collating orders and planning production with the relevant maker(s).

Step 3

Delivery of the orders - once we receive the produced styles, we generate emails directing customers to pay for their balances and indicate their preferences for shipping.   Once balances are paid, we start shipping out pre-orders.