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October 01, 2019
by Steve Gottschling.   Throughout the country, local journalism wages an increasingly grim war against oblivion and, to better its chances of winning, is turning toward rather odd sources for help.
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A Suit for the Whole Group

May 22, 2019
by Steve Gottschling.   Let’s pretend for today that universal harmony exists, and everything has a foil somewhere that keeps the world in cosmic balance. Now, unfolding in a tailor’s shop in Naple...
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The Shock of Sudden Flatness

April 25, 2019
by Steve Gottschling.   With so many publications declaring the suit on life support, it should comfort the tailored clothing faithful to see how tightly Andy Warhol clings to the popular imagination
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Bernstein's Folly

December 04, 2018
by Steve Gottschling.   For Leonard Bernstein, the conductor and music director of the New York Philharmonic from 1958 to 1969, every Thursday of the 1958-59 season felt like a sort of purgatory. T...
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Surviving your Critics

September 27, 2018
by Steve Gottschling.   When a man’s tastes tend toward the idiosyncratic, when he sports a French tuck at the bar where everyone else’s hems hide entirely behind their waistbands, we would like to...
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Brits in India, Part 2: The Resistance

April 20, 2017
by Steve Gottschling.   You may recall my last post where I discussed the peculiar dress of the East India Company, one of the most infamous mixers of capitalism and violence before the world gave ...
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