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Cowichan sweaters traditionally hand-knitted by Vancouver Island Natives 

Legend has it that in 1534, when Jacques Cartier crossed the Atlantic Ocean to reach North American, he asked the Natives he encountered what the place was called. “Kanata,” they replied. The word meant “village” in their language. From that time on Cartier called the land Canada.

The Cowichan (pronounced "COW-eh-chan") story originates in the Cowichan Valley on rugged Vancouver Island. Traditionally, this is a region where its people lived in an outdoor society. This habitat required clothing that could stand up to outdoor living as well as protect the wearer against the elements. This is the home of the Cowichan sweater, produced by Canada's West Coast Salish Natives.

The versatility of this sweater allows it to be as warm as an overcoat and as dry as a raincoat. The natural oils are left in the wool to retain its water-resistant qualities. A Cowichan sweater traditionally lasts for years and years, if properly cared for.