FW'23 Editorial -- Up, to the East Side

look 1a
look 1b3
look 1c
look 2a
look 2b
look 3c
look 3a
look 3b
look 3c
look 3d
look 4HORIZ
look 4c3
look 4a2
look 4aa
look 5a
look 5b
look 5c
look 6HORIZ
look 6b
look 6d
look 6c
look 7a
look 7b2
look 7c
look 7HORIZ
look 8a
look 8b
look 8c
look 8d
look 9b
look 9a
look 9c2

Model: Tyler Busher (@testarossadreams)
Photography: Angela DiMarzio
Styling: Willy Cheesesteak (@willy.cheesesteak
Ludwin Vielman (@ludwee)
Hair and Makeup: Jennifer Rivera (@jenniiiiii)

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  • Great look, as always. What brand the overcoat in the last series? Can’t seem to find it on your site.


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