About this Maker

William Lockie

When we set out to find a new maker for our beloved Scottish knitwear, from shawl collar cardigans to warm beanies, we quickly realized that William Lockie's reputation for being at the very top of the knitwear game was not usurped.  

Now the oldest family-owned luxury knitwear businesses in the Scottish Borders, William Lockie (or "Lockies" as it is fondly known locally) is steeped in history and tradition - dating back to 1874.     Located in Hawick (pronounced "Hoyk"!) on the banks of the river
Teviot, a stone's throw from our friends at Lovat, the company is focused on producing the highest quality knitwear, the only way to survive and flourish in contrast with cheaper products.

The formula is simple:  highest quality yarns, spun from highest quality wools, made in multi-ply knits with a superior attention to detail and quality control.    We love the feel and value of their supergeelong knitwear and of course, indulging in pure cashmere from time to time.   Geelong is a lambswool made up from fine micron fibers which comes from the very first clip from specially bred Australian lambs.

William Lockie