About this Maker


The Finest Knit Ties and Hosiery, Since 1912

Antonio and Angelo Sozzi opened their workshop in 1912 on Via Torino in Milan with the vision to make the finest socks in the world. The two brothers grew their clientele steadily, attracting men and women looking for better quality and make for their hosiery.

Franco Sozzi, Antonio's son and the company’s current president, took over the company in 1960 when he was only 21 years old. Even though he had to learn the business quickly, he was intent on preserving what made Sozzi Calze special to its loyal customers: a focus on quality of materials, handmade construction and classic elegant designs.

The company now uses its knowledge in knitting socks to produce some of the world’s finest knit ties, quickly becoming a premier maker of silk and wool knit ties in Italy, making ties for many top menswear brands as well as under its own name.

Sozzi Calze does not do a lot of advertising and marketing. It does not release flashy designs or ‘fun’ socks. We admire this uninterrupted focus on well-made, classic hosiery for men - one hundred years after Antonio and Angelo first set up shop.