About this Maker


"The Post-Imperial aesthetic is a colorful and vibrant ode to new forms of fashion. It carries a strong sense of optimism for the future."

--- Niyi Okuboyejo

Sometimes we wonder if, after more than two hundred years of tie-wearing, the world has finally exhausted all of neckwear’s possibilities. Not that there would be anything wrong with that. But Niyi Okuboyejo and his Post-Imperial line of accessories make sure the only part of your wardrobe your can’t clean stays fresh.

Niyi might be the only tie designer who would say something like, “I don’t think the casualization of menswear is necessarily a bad thing.” It’s a belief that comes across in his designs as well as his personal style. He’s the guy strolling by in a cotton suit and colorful tie while the guy in the navy suit lectures the IT department about their rumpled, untucked polo shirts.

Many Post-Imperial fabrics are dyed using Adire, a traditional resist dye technique developed by the Yorubas in the Southwestern region of Nigeria. Of course, the traditional fabrics would not normally be made into ties. Niyi’s genius lies in transforming these old methods and design motifs into something that has an aesthetic all its own - Post-Imperial.