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I recently returned to work at a retail suit shop and since my return, many a potential shopper has asked me how they should be dressing at work now that most of their workspaces no longer require a full suit and tie. And even guys who still wear a suit and tie at work ask me about elevating their weekend wear. So in honor of these confused men, I’m going to do my best to teach you and your most swaggerless homey how to take some of the best tailoring pieces and make them into elevated street wear ‘fits. 


Let’s start from your top most layer and work out way down. A fresh overcoat can make your entire outfit since it’s the first thing people see in the winter months. I use mine to elevate my outfits whether I’m making a bodega run or taking my lady to brunch. The trick to getting a good one is to make sure it matches everything and nothing at all. No Man Walks Alone has a Doppiaa coat that’s double breasted with a brown and rust colored houndstooth pattern. I own a custom one just like it and I’m constantly being stopped and complimented on it. 

Cord trousers

You’re going to need some pants under that coat so you don’t get arrested. Instead of chinos, try a pair of corduroy trousers this winter. No Man carries a pair from Blue Blue Japan that are dope. They’re indigo dyed so they’ll take on a different patina as they age and the color will go with literally everything you own. Corduroy will also add texture to your wardrobe. 

Wool sweater

As the temperature drops, you’re going to need some nice knitwear. Luckily for you, No Man carries Inis Meain. Specifically, a sweater in an burnt orange alpaca and silk yarn that will help round out this outfit we’re putting together. Now when you take that overcoat off, you’re not wearing your college sweater under it.  

Suede boots

You’re going to need a boot. But not just any old pair you got from the department store. You need a pair built by people who can at least pretend they like you. That’s one reason I like this pair from Viberg. They’re built to last and look better as they age so that maybe one day you can pass it on to your kid who’ll wonder why you’re giving them a pair of old boots that don’t fit them. 

Wool cashmere stocks

The last and most important thing you’re going to pick up today is a pair of Dore Dore socks in navy. You’re going to get the wool and cashmere blend because your feet deserve and you’re going to throw out the pair you got at Target last year because you should like yourself as much as I like you. Enjoy!

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