Finding the Right Bags

If you're wealthy enough, you never have to carry your own things. It was reported last year, for example, that Karl Lagerfeld not only travels with at least twenty-five Goyard suitcases (and who knows how many people hired to carry them), but also has a staffer follow him around with a single glass of Pepsi Max, just in case he should ever find himself thirsty. Most of us can't afford such luxuries, unfortunately, so we have to schlep our own things around (while a few of us also have to schlep Karl's). This requires having the right set of bags for the task.

Most professionals will need a slim briefcase. Something made from cotton or nylon will be good for causal work environments, while leather will be more appropriate for traditional offices. Leather briefcases will come with either soft or hard sides. A hard-sided one will be good for protecting fragile items, but it can't expand like a soft-sided design when it's overloaded. Soft-sided briefcases, on the other hand, aren't as good at standing up on their own, which is why if a man takes public transportation, he might want something with a broad base.ย 

For non-work-related carrying needs, there are backpacks, duffles, and totes. Modern backpacks can look overly technical, but in the last few years, there has been a resurgence in retro-inspired designs. For use with Barbour jackets in the city, many men have also repurposed game bags for non-hunting uses. Large compartments intended for game can be used to carry a laptop, while smaller pouches can be used to hold computer chargers.

Perhaps most overlooked are weekenders, which are the perfect size to carry everything you need for a quick getaway trip. In a pinch, they can also be used to carry things around town when a duffle or tote won't do.ย 

It's good to have a selection of bags in your closet, varying in size and formality, so that you'll always have something for any task. Briefcases for going to the office; backpacks, duffles, and game bags for sportier pursuits; totes when you need to just throw something in the car; and weekenders for quick trips. Nothing to hold just a single glass of Pepsi Max, however. For that, you'll need a servant and enough wealth to consider his salary a rounding error.

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