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A Slipper to Enjoy

May 18, 2021
by David Isle.  Life in the time of coronavirus has raised at-home footwear to a place of paramount importance in my life. I’ve always been an outdoor-shoes-are-for-outdoors kind of person, but hav...
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They're Good Socks

March 16, 2021
by David Isle.  One fun thing to do is leer at the exorbitant prices ludicrously rich people pay for ugly or trivial things. This tradition goes at least as far back as George IV, whose clothes was...
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Trenchant Alternatives to the Pea Coat

January 19, 2021
by David Isle.   Among the most exalted items of the Anglo-American menswear canon is the pea coat. It is versatile, being just as appropriate with blue jeans as with a coat and tie. It is navy, an...
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The Joy of Kopping

December 01, 2020
by David Isle.   I’ve lived in a lot of places. Just in the last four years, I’ve lived in South Korea, D.C., New York, New Orleans, North Carolina, and Rhode Island. Every time I move – whether it...
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A Mount Rushmore Of Winter Fits

November 17, 2020
by David Isle. Some outerwear is meant to be worn over a suit. Some outerwear is meant to be worn over a T-shirt. But all outerwear is meant to be worn over a sweater. My man Josh in Louisiana has...
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Lincoln and Lila

June 09, 2020
by David Isle.   In an 1838 speech, a young Abraham Lincoln lamented that his generation could never achieve a place in history equal to Washington’s. No glory could compare to the “display before...
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The Original Penny Loafer

March 31, 2020
by David Isle.  I’m sure you’ll remember the scene in Adam McKay’s masterwork Talladega Nights in which the dastardly (French) villain Jean Girard challenges our hero Ricky Bobby to name one thing ...
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Living Nobly

February 18, 2020
by David Isle.  Once upon a time, the obstacles to buying a new velvet coat included not only the expense but, if you were not born into the right family, laws preventing you from wearing certain f...
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