Newsroom — Neil Watson


The Eternal City

May 08, 2018
Perhaps more than any other city, Rome is a palimpsest - history overlaid on history, each layer acquiring new meaning as it acquires new neighbors. Friend of No Man Neil Watson visited recently an...
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On the Road in Mexico

March 27, 2018
Modern plane travel has accustomed us to traveling vast distances in a matter of hours. This is, of course, a great convenience. But it can never match the pleasure and satisfaction earned by thos...
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Losing Ground in Montreal

November 22, 2016
by Neil Watson.Β Β Montreal offers visitors a little bit of old Europe without the trans-Atlantic flight. The vibrant cafe and restaurant scene, the French language (although Parisians might scoff). ...
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Our Man in Havana

May 17, 2016
by Neil Watson.  There was a time when the best American nightlife was in Havana. The Hotel Naçional on the Malecón still has pictures of Sinatra and other American matinee idols on its walls. That...
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