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Alternative Style Icon: Luke Cage

October 13, 2016
by Réginald-Jérôme de Mans.   I admit it, I gravitated to the launch of the new Netflix series Luke Cage because of the hilariously clumsy way comics artist John Romita Sr. and company put into pra...
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Bespoke Untrueisms

April 19, 2016
by Réginald-Jérôme de Mans.  “There is no such thing as an ill-fitting bespoke suit.” – Edgar Pomeroy This statement, by an Atlanta-based custom clothier, is like saying there’s no such thing as a...
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Alternative Style Icon: Bruce Campbell

March 31, 2016
by Réginald-Jérôme de Mans.   That’s right, Bruce Goddamn Campbell. Not, admittedly, for his Hawaiian shirt and beer gut ensemble in Burn Notice, nor for his leather jerkin (shut up, Isle) as Autol...
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Book Review: The Parisian Gentleman

November 17, 2015
by Réginald-Jérôme de Mans.   After receiving this newly published book, a survey of selected French men’s luxury brands by Hugo Jacomet, the blogger and marketer known as Parisian Gentleman himsel...
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Alternative Style Icon: Pierre Trudeau

November 10, 2015
by Réginald-Jérôme de Mans.  It’s a cliché to insult Canada as America’s blander, more stable neighbor. Most of us aren’t pretending when we say we ignore everything going on there. Nonetheless, th...
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