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The Airport Test

May 27, 2018
by William Phips.Β  Β As I prepared for my first real job interview, a friend gave some advice that proved prescient. He told me that the more senior the interviewer, the less you need to worry. The ...
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The Signature Accessory

November 03, 2015
by William Phips.Β  Β This post isn’t about politics. Sure, the characters happen to be politicians but that’s incidental to the story. Let's just call them performance artists. People grouse that Pr...
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How Pants Should Fit

January 10, 2014
by William Phips.Β  Β A handmade jacket is undoubtedly the highest expression of the tailor’s art. Nothing else a man wears requires the skill and care that go into cutting, sewing and shaping a coat...
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