A Visit to Talarico in Naples

Visiting Talarico’s is an unforgettable experience. Your journey cuts through the heart of the Spanish Quarter in a labyrinth of Neapolitan alleys. You emerge to see the Talarico workshop, barnacled with umbrellas and wood sticks. Here Mario Talarico Sr. gives sticks, handles, and ribs a new life together as a Talarico umbrella. Founded in 1960, the company specializes in fully handmade umbrellas, using the same technique, tools and craftsmanship that have been passed down generations. Behind the counter, his nephew Mario Jr. is the fourth generation of Talarico umbrella-makers and spends his time cutting and sewing canopies, hand-sewing rosettes and delicately wrapping each fastening ring with silk thread.

Talarico is one of the oldest and most respected craftsmen in Naples. Founded in 1860 by Mario Sr’s great-grandfather, the company specialized in umbrellas with ivory or silver handles and silk canopies and other finely crafted accessories for the “Casa Reale”, the Royal House of Bourbon, and other aristocrats, politicians and local aficionados. When Mario Sr’s father took over, he focused the workshop on umbrellas only. Mario Talarico Sr continues today the tradition and craft of fully handmade umbrellas, using a variety of woods, each with different physical and aesthetic properties. While Mario Jr. is still young, he spends hours a day alongside his uncle, making umbrellas and ensuring the continuation of the family name and business.

Each Talarico umbrella is a unique work of art, made by a couple of artisans with the same technique, tools and attention to detail and refinement that have been used for generations. We feel lucky to know them and are excited to offer these exceptional accessories to our customers.

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