A Field Trip to Bigi

When they were young, Stefano and Paola Bigi often visited their grandfather and father at work. Recounting those days now, they remember playing in a workshop filled with colorful stacks of Como silks, only to be eventually shooed out by their grandfather Luigi. They can still smell the distinctive scents of those beautiful silks today.

The history of Bigi Cravatte goes back to 1938, when their grandfather Luigi Draghi opened a necktie workshop in Milan called Pulcher. The company was renamed to West Point in the 1970s when their father took over, and Stefano and Paola started using the name Bigi Cravatte once they took the helm. Though the name has undergone a few changes, the company has always remained committed to quality craftsmanship and traditional Italian style.

Today, Bigi Cravatte still operates out of the same townhouse in Southern Milan. Here, they produce for both their own brand and other highly regarded labels (we unfortunately can't say who, as we were sworn to secrecy). Fabrics are designed by Stefano and Paola and exclusively woven for them by some of the world's best silk mills. These silks are then sent to their workshop in Milan, where they're each carefully handmade into neckties. This thoughtful approach to production has won them loyal customers worldwide, who appreciate Bigi Cravatte's ties for their artisanal construction and tastefully designed fabrics.

We love Stefano and Paola's passion for the craft of tie making and their wonderful taste in fabrics, and we're excited to carry a wide range of their ties in No Man Walks Alone's store.

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