About this Maker

Dore Dore

High quality socks with an emphasis on unusual and noble yarns

Doré Doré is a French maker with a long history, going back to 1819 when Jean Baptiste Doré coordinated the work of his fellow hosiery craftsmen under a trade union named Maison Doré. The brand DD Doré Doré itself was established in 1862 and the company started expanding its production through the industrial revolution. Always keeping a keen focus on quality of yarn and make, Doré Doré was awarded with a Gold Medal at the World Exhibition of 1867 in Paris.

After nearly two centuries at Fontaine-les-Grès, Doré Doré was acquired in 2003 by another prestigious Italian sock maker, Gallo, and soon the manufacturing operations of the two prestigious brands were combined. The spirit and old tradition of the Doré Doré brand is unchanged, with its use of unique yarns and stitches.

Dore Dore socks