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Norwegian Rain FW21

High-Tech Outerwear with Refined Design 

From its inception, rainwear was a world apart from tailored clothing. The technical fabrics and need for waterproof seams resisted the tailor’s traditional tools and complicated the process of multiple fitting usually involved in making a bespoke garment. Raincoats have suffered from this division. The silhouettes are often boxy. The shoulder line does not always sit well on top of the suit jacket underneath.

Norwegian Rain has brought rainwear and tailoring together. Bespoke tailor and Norwegian Rain designer T-Michael has created rain coats with the shoulders and sharp silhouette of a tailored coat, while still maintaining and even advancing the benefits of technical rain gear. All seams are heat-sealed after sewing, to keep water out. Hi-tech Japanese fabrics of recycled polyester and organic are breathable and effective while still environment-friendly. Detachable hoods and reconfigurable collars offers modern cool, but the stripped-down simple base underneath gives a conservative classic option.

Tailoring and rainwear were separated at birth by technical difficulties. Norwegian Rain has brought them back together again.

Norwegian Rain FW21