About this Maker

Portuguese Flannel SS23

Easy-Wearing Favorites for All Seasons from Two Brothers with a Legacy in Textiles

Portuguese Flannel is a new label with a long history behind it. Brothers Antonio and Manuel Magalhães, the 4th generation of a fabric manufacturing family in the north of Portugal, have decided to honor their Great Grandfather’s textile legacy and make their own straightforward, high-quality shirts using these premium cotton fabrics.

For Portuguese Flannel, the Magalhães brothers have committed to use fabrics that are produced in the traditional way, selecting the finest ones from local for their shirts, eschewing any trends of the moment. Their inspiration comes from “the genuine people from both the coast and mountains, and their brave and challenging way of living.”

Every material is sourced and every shirt is made in and around the city of Guimarães in the northern tip of Portugal, a region renowned for its textile heritage and known historically as the cradle of the country. Of course the most distinguishing aspect of flannel is it’s soft hand, and this is achieved through a labor-intensive processes involving the lifting up of the fiber ends, in which the expert weavers ‘nap’ the cloth using a meticulous brushing technique to create a long lasting material with that distinct smooth and cozy feel.

Portuguese Flannel SS23