About this Maker

X of Pentacles SS22

Hand-drawn scarves from a self-taught maker

"Everything I do starts out with a theme and involves using tangible mediums that can be applied to textiles. A way of transferring the nuances we get with artwork - be it the opacity of gouache watercolor, the grit of charcoal or the color depth of acrylic paint."
--- Marcel Ames

X of Pentacles (pronounced "Ten of Pentacles") - named after the Tarot card that represents wealth and long term success - was founded in 2016 by Marcel Ames on the heels of several tragic events. In the span of a few months, Marcel suffered from a concussion that ended his training to become a police officer, his father passed away abruptly and he lost his home. While searching for a new career, dealing with grief, and working through post-concussion syndrome, Marcel began sketching as a therapeutic outlet.

A self-taught designer and entrepreneur, Marcel Ames brings in his own very personal approach to designing from cultural references, colors and textural effects. The result is beautifully drawn and colored motifs for accessories made in Italy by the best ateliers.

X of Pentacles SS22