This year, instead of telling you what we think your loved ones would like, we surveyed a number of customers to see what gifts really hit the 🎯 bullseye for them, or what they're considering gifting.

Of course, a gift certificate is always a great idea: it's flexible and allow your loved ones to get something they want in a size they know will fit. (We know how difficult it can be to pick the right size for someone else!)


"For my partner, I would be eyeing the Inis Meain oatmeal and grey scarf and its matching hat.  It's soft, warm, neutral enough to go with anything - and I find the matchiness fun" - Kyle B



"Lesca Corbs sunglasses in tortoise.  A true classic that works with streetwear to tailored styles.  And the quality of Lesca frames is outstanding." - Gus

"Always a good idea: a Gift Card to get what I really want"  - Everyone 😁



"Dore Dore camel hair socks; a lot of money for socks, admittedly, but very comfortable, very warm, and very luxe-feeling - and precisely an indulgent gift that fit the category of "something the recipient might never get for themselves" well." - Ouli

"I got a Niche embroidered flower sweatshirt from last season for my wife in a size up so it’s a bit roomy. She looks really good in it." - Daniel



"Get them a tie that they'll actually love. Tie Your Tie ties are beautifully made and designed." -David



"I love the idea of gifting indulgence.  If you think they'll like it but would not spend that much on it, that's a great present idea.  A beautiful handmade umbrella very much falls into that description. So does a daily cardholder in a premium ostrich leather" - Greg



"Begg's cashmere scarves are a truly indulgent, luxurious gift. I wish someone would send me one!" - Julie

"The shaggy cardigans by Monitaly are a no-brainer to help your loved ones keep stylishly cozy this holiday season. Who wouldn't want to look like me? 😉 " - @blacklight



"I would be thrilled to receive the GRP raglan sweater or the La Portegna weekender bag. Being able to handle every item while photographing them is a blessing and a curse because I find way too many beautiful things I want to buy either for myself or my husband" -Angela



"Merola. Rabbit. Lined. Peccary. Gloves!" - Jason

"I don’t think my wife is reading this, so I can share something I bought for her for Christmas… She was wanting a blue scarf to go with her camel coat and this will complement it beautifully" - Colin



"Everyone needs a good watch cap this time of year. I think this makes a great gift for anyone who warms your heart." - Mathew

"I love the idea of an elevated practical present.  The La Portegna Palma folder strikes me as something that will be used often and bring joy or a smile every time" - Mick



"Hats are great way to express some colors. This Post-Imperial bucket is a ray of sunshine in the gloomy winter 🌞" - Erika

"Oh no! A gift card so I can buy what I want when I want it?? I hate that!" - Literally no one, ever.