Old World, New World

Recently a bunch of world leaders had a big sleepover in Sicily, which resulted in the above photograph of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and French President Emmanuel Macron. Just a couple of guys getting together for some waters. Trudeau and Macron have much in common - both have come to lead their respective countries at a young age, and both have bested Donald Trump in his bizarre game of alpha dog handshaking. But as the photo above shows, they clearly have different approaches to style.

Macron is the more austere dresser - in the photo above he wears a dark suit, black shoes, white shirt, and black tie. Even among the conservatively dressed G7 crowd, Macron stands out in his disdain for color:


It’s a spare but chic look, characteristic of both his background in finance and French business dress. It’s also a flattering one for Macron. A lack of color puts more emphasis on silhouette, which is to Macron’s advantage. The deep cutaway of his shirt collar is another stylish feature that should not be attempted by men who have fallen behind on their workout routine. Macron looks ready for serious business, but also possibly a trip to a swanky night club afterwards.

Trudeau has taken a different tack. His suit is a lighter blue than navy, almost the slate color often found in attractive suits of the Kennedy years in the United States. He appears to be the only person at the entire summit who decided to wear brown shoes:


and they’re light brown shoes at that. With the “fun” socks Trudeau risks explaining his own joke. Trudeau’s irrepressible youthfulness is part of his charm (although he is six years Macron’s senior) and affability is a hallmark of the Canadian national character. Perhaps socks that might be worn by a toddler are an inevitable element of this generally appealing package. And if Trump thinks the colorful hosiery suggests a lack of resolve, another handshake will set him straight. 

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