What to Wear to: Cast your Vote

Today Americans vote to decide who will be their next president. Sounds important. Maybe you’re thinking, as you might with any important occasion, “I would like to go, but I don’t know what to wear.” So I have put together this handy FAQ to help you with your decision:

“Can I wear red, white, and blue?”

Yes, go vote in that. Navy suit, white shirt, maroon tie is a classic, tasteful combo.

“I only have a grey suit, can I vote in that? Is there a red, white, and blue combo that will work for me?”

Yes, go vote in that. Blue shirt, maroon tie, and white handkerchief is another classic, tasteful, combo.

“What if I want to wear red, white, and blue, but spandex?”

Yes, go vote in that. One of America’s greatest heroes wore precisely this outfit.

“Red doesn’t work for my complexion. I would like to wear just blue and white.”

Yes, you can vote in that. Navy suit, white shirt, and a navy tie make an impeccable outfit.

“I was thinking more like…blue jeans and a white t-shirt. Can I vote in that?”

Yes, you can vote in that.

“Actually I can’t find my blue jeans. All I have are pajama pants.”

No problem, you can vote in that.

“And the t-shirt has some holes in it…also it’s got Teletubbies on it.”

Don’t worry, you can vote in that.

“Are you sure? I feel like I’m not respecting the moment if I’m not dressed appropriately.”

The only way to disrespect the moment is by not voting. A huge number of people around the world don’t have the right to vote. You do, whether you’re wearing a suit of finely tailored Super 160s or a suit of wrinkled pajamas. Go vote.

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